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Acne Oil

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Acne Oil: Dealing with Acne

It may be surprising but there acne oils that can aid you in getting rid of acne naturally and avoid its return in the future. Until recently, it was believed that anything oily, including oily foods, can lead to acne breakouts. This is somewhat true, and it depends on the type of oils that you use. As for oil in the diet, it's the same thing. The oils that are best assimilated are natural animal oils. Butter, ghee, and lard are the best fats that you can use to eat or to cook your food. They are 100% assimilated, rather than many vegetable oils which produce toxins and burden the liver.
Regarding essential oil masks for acne, there are a few oils with amazing properties. They can kill the bacteria that is causing acne and to make your skin smooth. These oils also offer a perfect protection against pollution, the sun, or cold. When you choose a natural oil for your face, apply it only once a day after you have cleaned your face. You can use it either in the morning when you get up or in the evening. Some of these oils can also help fade acne scars due to their anti-inflammatory properties:
Acne oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal, astringent, carminative, anti-inflammatory, and tonic properties. You can use myrrh oil all over the face or just on the active acne spots. It also helps fade the acne scars if used regularly.
When you buy an essential plant oil, make sure to check that it's cold pressed. Many oils on the market are refined, which means that some of their properties are diminished. Also, organic oils are of course recommended, especially when dealing with acne prone skin. These oils are highly beneficial as natural remedies for acne, but you should only use one at a time. After a month of using one oil, you can try another one and see if the results are better for your skin type. To find the best acne oil, you can visit Emu Oil Company at They offer you the best solution when dealing with acne.